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Legal Framework

The activities of the Colombian Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO –CCUN, in Spanish- are carried out within the following legal framework:

Decree No. 4016 of December 2004, “through which the National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO is reformed.” This Decree updates the list of its members, establishes that the headquarters of the Commission shall be at the Ministry of Foreign Relations, and that the Executive Secretariat shall be held by the official appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Relations; likewise, it stipulates the duties to be carried out by the Commission and the periods when meetings are to be held.

Resolution No. 2091 of May 11, 2011, through which the Work Teams of the Ministry of Foreign Relations are created.

For more information on the regulations concerning the Commission, access the document: Regulations related to the Commission

International Instruments: the “Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage,” ratified in March 2008, and the “International Convention against Doping in Sport,” ratified in September 2009.

Check the regulations according to the following topics:

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