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A meeting was held between UNESCO Quito and the government aimed at evaluating the start-up of the Project “Diagnosis of the Biosphere Reserves in the Andean Cluster within the framework of the Madrid Action Plan” on 17 October 2008.  A video-conference between Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela was held on 16 February 2009 with the objective of strengthening the Andean Cluster Network of Biosphere Reserves and proposing the design of a support and strengthening regional strategy for the integrated management of the Reserves of the region.   

Colombia took part in the 21st meeting of the MAB held May 25-29, 2009 on  Jeju Island (Republic of Korea) where it was decided to add 22 new sites to the  World Network of Biosphere Reserves[1] (WNBR) from UNESCO, which currently includes 533 reserves located in 106 countries.

2009 was declared the International Year of Astronomy at UNESCO with the objective of commemorating the 400th anniversary of astronomical discoveries, starting on the moment when Galileo Galilei built the first telescope in 1609. This celebration took place thanks to the initiative of the International Astronomical Union and UNESCO. Colombia joined this international proposal through programs and events in various cities of the country.

  • The event 2009 SPACE ADVENTURE took place in Medellín on May 6, 7 and 8, 2009 with the purpose of commemorating the INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF ASTRONOMY, NASA’s 50th Anniversary, 200 hundred years of Darwin’s birth, and Galileo Galilei’s 400 years.

The Latin-American Olympics of Astronomy and Astronautics – LAOAA were held in Bogotá from 5 to 8 September 2010 sponsored by the Libre, Distrital and Antonio Nariño Universities; Maloka, the Discovery Science Foundation, the Cambridge School; the GEMINI SOUTH and the Pasto observatories, as well as by the Colombian Air Force.

  • Colombia participated in the 42nd Session of the IOC Executive Council held on 15 June 2009, and in the 25th Session of the IOC Assembly in Paris from 16 to 25 June 2009. 
  • The “First Andean Workshop on Science, Technology and Innovation Policies in Latin America: towards a new social contract in Quito, Ecuador” was held from 13 to 14 May 2009. It was aimed at contributing to the strengthening of the coordination of cooperation of communication and technology (CT) through the compilation of policy instruments of the region, as well as through research and the development of human resources around the topic. 

The “Second Regional Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation Policies in Latin America and the Caribbean: towards a new social contract of science” was held in Argentina on 23 September 2009. Colombia was represented by delegates from COLCIENCIAS.

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