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The plan is based on the following principles:

Sustainable Development
Defined as "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability to meet the needs of future generations" (State of the World Report, 1987).
Human Development
The projects shall create opportunities to improve the quality of life of vulnerable populations. Specific and measurable outcomes must be achieved, while at the same time maintaining a long-term outlook.
Differential Public Policy
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recognizes that each border subregion faces problems of its own, lives in a specific and differential context and, therefore, the lines of action will not necessarily be equal.
Local and Sustainable Approach
Setting of priorities, decision making and project execution will involve active and direct participation by the social organizations of the beneficiary communities and the local authorities, in order to ensure sustainability of the process over time, while strengthening institutional capacity and local management.
Extensive participation
Preparation of the projects will include spaces for alliances and consensus-building between governments (national, regional and/or local), private enterprises and third-sector organizations.
Centralized coordination and leadership with a local vision
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs acts as coordinator for the remaining national government entities, taking into consideration efforts, policies and programs that are currently in process.
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