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“Colombia Nos Une” (Colombia Unites Us) Internal Working Group

According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs estimates, the number of Colombian nationals abroad has reached close to 4.7 million.

Of these 4.7 million migrants, 34.6% are in the United States, 23.1 in Spain, 20% in Venezuela, 3.1% in Ecuador and 2% in Canada. Those of the remaining percentage have chosen other, less frequent destinations, such as Mexico, Panama and Australia.

It is also noteworthy that the origin of most of these migrants is Bogota with 18.27%, the Departments of Antioquia at 13.79%, Valle del Cauca at 10.16%, Cundinamarca at 5.56%, Santander at 4.72% and Atlántico at 4.47%.

The most usual reason for emigration from Colombia is to seek work opportunities, which implies a demand for unskilled workers and higher remuneration for skilled workers in developed countries. Likewise, family reunification is an important reason for traveling abroad, as well as higher education opportunities in other countries.

In view of the foregoing, and together with an understanding of the importance of these citizens for our country, the National Development Plan of President Juan Manuel Santos’ Government includes the migratory phenomenon set out in Chapter VII “Transverse Supports for Democratic Prosperity” as “Initiatives to promote classification of the migrant population, the management of migratory work flows and the increase in social services for migrants. Strategies to facilitate and assist in the return of these Colombians to their cities of origin will also be implemented”.

Likewise, in Chapter III “Sustainable Growth and Competitiveness” and among the Transverse Supports of Competitiveness, remittances are considered a fundamental contribution to the Colombian economy, which should therefore be facilitated through the financial system by reducing monetary and transaction costs.


“Colombia Nos Une” (Colombia Unites Us) Internal Working Group
- Migratory, Consular and Citizen Service Department -

The activities of the Colombia Nos Une Program will be carried out within the framework of reference described above as an Internal Working Group attached to the Migratory, Consular and Citizen Service Department, which seeks to make Colombians abroad beneficiaries of public policies. Likewise, they are intended to establish the conditions for nationals wishing to migrate to be able to do so voluntarily and in an orderly fashion, ensuring the protection of their rights, maintaining their links to Colombia and providing assistance for their potential return.

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