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China and Colombia: 30 Years of Friendship and Cooperation

28 Jan. 2011

Academic mobility, Expo Shanghai, commercial relations and foreign direct investment are some of the topics addressed in this publication, prepared by the Embassy of Colombia in China on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Lessons about the Greater Caribbean

19 Nov. 2010

The Caribbean Academic Program was organized by the San Carlos Diplomatic Academy and the National University of Colombia with the purpose of making a serious and in-depth reflection on Colombia's foreign policy in the Caribbean. These memoirs are a contribution to the study of the dynamics and different facets of the Greater Caribbean Basin, which open significant opportunities for participation by Colombia in various topics of interest.

25 Years of the Great Cultural Donation by Japan

08 Jul. 2010

In nineteen chronicles, this publication tells the fascinating stories of the different projects that have benefitted from the cultural donation of Japan since 1982, and which became a reality in Colombia thanks to the firm and decisive commitment of the Japanese Government. 

Colombia and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

30 Jun. 2010

This brochure contains answers to some of the basic questions in relation to this important economic integration forum and provides an overview of the actions undertaken by Colombia in this regard.

Andean Conference on Cultural Diplomacy 

26 Apr. 2010

This publication is the outcome of the joint efforts of the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Unesco Office headquartered in Quito, which in 2007 organized a seminar in order to analyze, reflect on and discuss the role of culture in a country's foreign policy. The book compiles papers and proposals by experts from Spain, Mexico and France, who shared their knowledge regarding cultural diplomacy with representatives from the Andean countries, Chile and Mexico.  The publication also includes information about the activities being carried out by the Andean region countries in this regard.

History of a Friendship. India and Colombia: 50 years

01 Mar. 2010

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs published this book which, using literary language worthy of the cultural richness of the sister country, presents an insight into India from the perspective of Colombia, allowing the reader to understand, as clearly as possible, the issues that move this enormous, ancient and wise nation.
Author: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the participation of Enrique Serrano Gomez and Alberto Zalamea.
Encounters between Colombia and Japan: A Tribute to One Hundred Years of Friendship
These pages compile the writings of different personalities with close ties to Japan, who narrate the main aspects of bilateral relations from the viewpoint of their life experiences. They also include a number of texts by young Colombians who have lived the experience of studying in Japan and relate their anecdotes about their stay in that country.

The Role of Great Britain in the Independence of Colombia

13 Jun. 2011

The year 2010 marks the Bicentenary of Colombia’s Independence.  To commemorate this important date, a series of events were programmed in Colombia and abroad to pay tribute to those who fought for the independence and for the building of new nations and democratic institutions.
In the United Kingdom, the celebration started with a seminar organized by the Embassy of Colombia and the British Academy for Humanities and Social Sciences with the aim of highlighting the important role played by Great Britain in the independence process, and also to strengthen ties between the nations and reinforce future collaboration in various areas
The seminar entitled UK-Colombia Collaboration: Past, Present and Future took place in April 2010 at the British Academy. Researchers from both countries were invited to present their most recent work on the history of the Colombian independence process and the involvement of the United Kingdom.  Dr Gustavo Bell, Dr Matthew Brown, Professor Anthony McFarlane and Dr Eduardo Posada Carbo participated in the event and their presentations are published here as a memoir of the commemoration in the United Kingdom.



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